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Colleen will...

Work to solve housing challenges.

Denver residents, not corporate developers, always need to come first. Housing affordability challenges make it hard for people to continue to live and work in Denver, drying up opportunities and forcing many long-time residents to leave. I will work to increase housing affordability while preserving high standards of living for Denver residents.

As a real-estate professional, I’ve helped hard-working families buy new homes in Denver and I’ve seen how the housing market in our district has grown. I also understand why we need community focused growth for Denver in the long-term. We are already seeing teachers, nurses, police officers, retirees, and young families increasingly unable to stay in Denver.

Having economically diverse neighborhoods means better long-term neighborhood stability and more freedom of movement in Denver.

We can’t control every aspect of the housing market, and we can’t stop people from moving to Denver. However, we can elect City Council officials who will do everything possible to make sure developers protect and respect Denver residents and our city’s long-term future.

I will also help protect Denver’s growing population of renters from abusive and predatory leasing practices: in particular, Denver’s seniors need much better access to clean, safe, and consistent housing. The number of people experiencing homelessness is also on the rise in Denver: I will help Denver implement better model policies proven successful in reducing poverty and homelessness while affirming every person’s inherent dignity and humanity.

Improve transportation and infrastructure

Whether you drive a car, ride a bike, or use RTD, getting around Denver costs more money, takes up more time, and causes more frustration than ever before. Denver’s City Council needs leaders dedicated to solving our transportation problems with a creative and multi-pronged approach: improving road infrastructure for cars, more efficient use of multi-modal transit resources, and ensuring that Denver’s bike lanes are placed correctly so cars and bikes can safely and efficiently share the road.

Seniors, families with young children, students, young professionals, and many others in our district use public transit as their main form of transportation. It is imperative that we not only repair our broken sidewalks but expand the sidewalk system and make our streets safer for driving, walking, and biking: studies have proven that walkable cities help people live longer and healthier lives. Investing in and diversifying our transit system will benefit everyone who lives and works in Denver: I will work to expand our public transit options, safe bike lanes, and safe sidewalks. I will also work to make sure Denver’s roads are ready for electric vehicles, driverless vehicles, and other anticipated changes in vehicle technology.

Create safer neighborhoods

Denver’s City Council can help people live longer, healthier lives by improving road safety, reducing violence and other crimes, and making it easier for people experiencing an emergency to get the help they need. Improving neighborhood safety includes making our neighborhoods easier to walk and ensuring that our sidewalks and other public infrastructure is ADA-compliant and in good working condition. I will also promote evidence-based crime prevention strategies such as community-oriented policing to help build better working relationships between the people of Denver and the first responders we depend on.

Stand up for working families

We wouldn’t have a city without the hardworking families who make it run. Whenever Denver plans projects and hires workers, my top priorities will include seeking the best quality possible for all city projects and services, paying a fair living wage to every person working for the city of Denver, and protecting city employees from discrimination, harassment, and abuse.

Fight corruption

Corrupt machine politics have no place in Denver. I will be a tireless advocate for transparency and accountability by keeping my schedule and activities public, sponsoring efforts to fight corruption, and supporting other accountability and anti-corruption measures that come before the city council. Keeping our City Council accountable also means careful planning for fiscal responsibility and making sure we use public dollars as effectively and efficiently as possible.

Protect our environment

Denver’s economy depends on our outdoor industries and Denver residents agree that protecting our environment is the right thing to do: I will ensure that our City Council always works with leaders at the state and federal level to combat climate change, preserve our critical outdoor recreation industries, protect clean air and water, and minimize our city’s impact on our climate and environment by reducing waste and harmful emissions and using, whenever possible, renewable energy and more environmentally-friendly technology.

Join me to make Denver a better place to live.

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